Marijuana and Drug Charges

Representing people charged with marijuana possession is a special calling for me. I do everything I can to get the charge dismissed. These cases are particularly important because a drug conviction can adversely affect you forever. The Internet has made it much easier for companies to look up criminal histories — which can affect getting a job or a school loan. Even apartment complexes run a criminal history before renting apartments now.

I have over 10 years of experience handling marijuana-related cases, and I want to give you the benefit of that experience. You need an attorney who understands how to find facts that can be used in your favor and who has a long history of successful negotiations with prosecutors. See a list of our recent dismissals so you can understand my track record with marijuana cases.

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  • Is marijuana illegal in Travis County?


  • Don’t the police turn a blind eye?


  • I heard that House Bill 2391 allows the police to ticket people with less than 4oz. Is this true?

    The police are now allowed to give you a summons instead of arresting you. You will be required to go to county court and will still face thesame punishment as before. It is NOT the same as getting a class C ticket.

  • Will the police arrest me or give me a summons?

    The officer gets to decide. Their opinion of you is usually the deciding factor.

  • How do people get caught with marijuana?

    The police usually find it when they pull people over for traffic violations.

  • Do the police profile based on race or look?

    It is hard to say. But you will certainly get their attention with rims, loud music, marijuana leaf air fresheners, a purple Cadillac, reggae stickers, dreads or cornrows. They tend to find driving violations when they see any of these elements.

  • How do the police know it is there?

    Usually the driver has recently smoked and the officer can smell it. Or, the driver is arrested for something else, such as warrants or DWI, and the police find the marijuana when searching the car.

  • When can the police search my car?

    If you give them permission, they have probable cause, or if they arrest you for something.

  • Can they get a drug dog to search my car?

    Yes. But they only have a limited time to get the drug dog to the scene. It is rare for them to go to this trouble. The threat of getting a drug dog is often a bluff to get you to give them permission.

  • Will a misdemeanor possession of marijuana case get dismissed in Travis County?

    Usually (after you take drug classes, do community service, and pay a fine). But not always. It depends on your criminal history, and the circumstances of the arrest.

  • Will a possession of marijuana case get dismissed in Williamson and Hays county?

    Rarely. But it can happen.

  • Does it matter if I get a conviction?

    Yes. Your driver’s license will be suspended. And the conviction will show up on your record forever.

  • What should I do if I get arrested?

    Remain calm. Do not make the situation worse by insulting the police officer. Don’t make any incriminating statements. Call me from jail, or have a friend call, and I’ll try and get you out as soon as possible.