Here are some of the things said about our law office directly from a few of our former clients. You can also check out our reviews on Yelp.

“My DWI was a really frightening experience and dealing with the consequences seemed overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, Charlie Roadman was there every step of the way. He combined professionalism with familiarity and understanding, and it was very clear why he is trusted by so many of his clients and colleagues. In the end my case was dismissed and I am so thankful that I had Charlie on my side.” – Kim

“Charlie Roadman assisted me with my situation long distance, I’m in Dallas, Texas. He is not only a well-informed attorney, he was always very polite and professional. Charlie, as soon as he could, would return my calls and calm my worries. Charlie Roadman is a true gentleman and a great attorney. He made my life so simple, when it could have been a nightmare. My case was dismissed. Again, thank you.” – Oscar

“Charlie Roadman brought a swift and positive resolution to my case. He got it dismissed. He’s down to earth and very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Charlie!” – Shawn

“My wife was arrested on a DWI and we brought in Charlie to represent us. As soon as he became involved, we felt a lot less afraid. He knew the system cold. But, even more important, he’s a human being. He led us through the process with a great deal of gentleness and integrity. It was the best experience we could have had, given the circumstances, and we are grateful for his help.” – Ryan

“Charlie and his team did a great job. They clearly and quickly answered all my questions and kept me informed of developments as my case progressed. I highly recommend his firm to anyone in need.” – Ray

“Charlie is one of the best attorneys in Austin. Not only did he get my case dismissed before indictment, he always kept me informed about what was going on, explained everything, and walked me through the process one step at a time. Not a lot of attorneys would take the time that he did.” – Troy

“I have known Charlie Roadman since December of 2006. I have found that he is a fair and honest person that cares about you, the outcome of your case, and not just the almighty dollar. Charlie looks at his clients as human beings and seeks justice for them. He doesn’t judge you based on your background or how you look. During my work with him, he has shown amazing legal knowledge and he explains everything. If I ever had questions I could call him day or night. His service is affordable and he will work with you on the cost. He helped me change my life, he was there through the ups and downs. He also saved me thousands of dollars. Charlie got my DWI dismissed; he got my second degree felony reduced. When I was pulled over and my money seized illegally, he got it back to me within two hours. I have had many lawyers and Charlie was the best.” – Scott

“I am very grateful to have Charlie as my attorney. I came into his office after my arrest; very traumatized by my night in jail. However, he very calmly reassured me that everything was going to be fine, gave me some predictions on how he thought my case would go, walked me through the whole process in writing and let me know that it was his job to handle all the worry from this ordeal. He never hesitated to answer any of my questions I had during the whole process and always quickly returned any phone calls that I had. Through every step in my case, he would always call to update me – which was very much appreciated. I had a particularly difficult DWI case, however, with his help I got off with only 15 months probation and surcharges which could have been much worse considering I blew over double the legal limit. In the whole process, I felt very comfortable with the fact that Charlie was representing me. Because of his help I feel like my life is going in a positive direction. I highly recommend him to anyone that is ever in need of any legal help and looking for an attorney that is personable and will work for you.” – Julie

“My experience with The Law Office of Charlie Roadman has provided me with a sense of confidence that my case is being handled efficiently, with great care and with my best interest in mind.” – Jeffrey

“The day I first walked into Charlie Roadman’s office searching for someone to defend me for a DWI turned out to be a blessed day. I was so traumatized by going to jail, so worried about a criminal record, loss of my professional license and livelihood and even possible loss or restriction of my driving privileges that I was truly a basket case. Charlie’s calm reassurance and take charge attitude were very comforting. He told me it was his job to handle all these worries. He then informed me of the steps involved in the defense (in writing) and during the whole process took care of everything, informing me every step of the way if there was anything I needed to do to help. Charlie skillfully defended me and was able to get my case dismissed. He even won my ALR hearing so that my license was never restricted in any way. Most of all his kind council helped me realize how to turn my life around and get headed in a more positive direction. I shall always be grateful for Charlie’s help.” – Meg

“I have used Charlie twice now, and I must say both times he helped us get the best possible outcome.” – Casey

“The Law Office of Charlie Roadman is quick at getting the job done and moving forward.” – James

“Charlie Roadman turned my worries into thin air! The Law Office of Charlie Roadman has a knowledgeable and reassuring staff of professionals keeping us little guys from being squashed by the big man! Thanks Roadman and company!” – Fabian

“I have had an excellent experience with The Law Office of Charlie Roadman. Charlie and his staff were very attentive to my concerns and they made every effort to keep me informed about the status of my case. They worked hard to achieve the best possible outcome for me. I appreciate the positive experience I have had with The Law Office of Charlie Roadman.” – Dixie