Warrants and Jail Release

There are many different ways to get someone out of jail. We will advise you on the best, fastest, and least expensive method. We work fast because we know that every minute counts when a loved one is in jail.

The process is similar when there is a warrant. We work to get the warrant recalled or secure a personal bond so you can do a walk-through (which usually takes about an hour). We can get information on the allegations and help you make a plan to fight the case.


Q: Can I get a personal bond without a lawyer?
A: Not in all cases. We improve the chances and significantly speed up the process by waiving magistration and coordinating with references on the outside. Our fee for jail release will be applied towards representation on the case.

Q: Will you go to the jail and visit my loved one?
A: In most cases we immediately go to the jail to let the client know that we are working to secure their release.

Q: I didn’t know there was a warrant. Don’t the police have to tell me?
A: No. Unfortunately, the police are not obligated to tell people about warrants.

Q: Will the police come to my house or work to arrest me for a warrant? Even for a minor charge?
A: Yes. Yes.