Do you have a warrant? Call us and we will tell you the easiest and cheapest way to get the warrant lifted.

We've handled hundreds of Travis County warrants. We know all of the ways to get warrants recalled, lifted, or resolved so that you don't have to worry about the police showing up at your door (or at work). Getting a lawyer to help with the warrant is very important because a judge can often be persuaded to remove conditions or minimize the requirements on the bond.

If you are looking for a Travis County criminal defense attorney, reach out to us. You will usually be able to talk to Charlie or Mary Ann within minutes. After we hear your version of the events, we will explain the likely outcomes, possible defenses that you have, and what you should be doing right now to improve your chances of getting a good result. We will also request a copy of the probable cause affidavit and email it to you. This is the police officer's written report on the incident and it will help us figure out the available defenses to the charge. There is no fee for this service and there is absolutely no obligation to hire us.

Check for Warrants

There are 3 websites to search for warrants in Travis County: The Austin Police Department website, the Travis County Sheriff website, and the Austin Municipal Court (which includes Justice of the Peace courts) website. You should always check all 3.

How To Look Up Warrants In Travis County

Charlie explains how to find warrants online in Travis County using just your name and date of birth.