Videos about the Travis County Court System

Our team has been practicing criminal defense in Austin for 30+ combined years. We've worked on every type of case and dealt with all types of complications that arise in criminal defense. Every case is unique and every client has a different background, but our goals are always the same... minimize the consequences and get our clients back on the right track. These videos will help explain how the things work in Travis County.

About Us

Administrative License Revocation (ALR)

The DWI Pre-Trial Diversion Program

About Us & Court Dates

The Law Office of Charlie Roadman

Tour the Travis County Courthouse 

How to Look Up Your Court Date

The Timeline/Phases of a Criminal Case

Our Prices: An explanation of our legal fees

DWI Timeline and Blood Alcohol Content

9 Types of DWI Dismissals in Travis County

Mitigation: The Good Guy/Gal Packet

DWI Pre-Trial Diversion Timeline 

Court Dates: When do You have to go?

Charlie's Book: The Defendant's Guide to Defense

Driver's License Issues

What is a Texas Occupational License? 

ALR Hearing | Postponing Your Driver's License Suspension 

Two Types of Occupational Driver Licenses

The Post-DWI Texas Temporary Driving Permit

You got your Occupational Driver's License!

Texas SR-22 Insurance: What You Need to Know.

Check Your Driver's License Eligibility Online

Driver's License Hearing (ALR)

Occupational Licenses

Replacing Your Driver's License

DWI Classes

Taking the MADD Victim Impact Panel Course Online

12 Hour DWIE Class


Alcohol Monitoring Devices

Portable Alcohol Monitor | Austin Criminal Defense

Buying a Used Car for the Ignition Interlock Requirement for a DWI | Austin Criminal Defense

Do I Still Need to Get an Ignition Interlock Device If I Don't Have a Car?

Defense Attorney Wears SCRAM Ankle Monitor

What You Need to Know About the Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Device

Jail Release

How to Look Up Warrants in Travis County

How to Look Someone Up On the Travis County (TX) Inmate Search Website

Picking Someone Up From the Travis County Jail After an Arrest

Paying Your Personal Bond Fee (Travis County, TX)

The Walk Through | Resolving Your Warrant 

Anatomy of a Travis County Personal Bond Jail Release

Personal Bonds in Travis County, Texas

Travis County Jail Release

Austin DWI Towing: Where is my car?

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Part 1

Our Philosophy Part 2: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The Courthouse & Probation

Taking a Private Drug Test (U.A.) for a Criminal Case

The Pre-Trial Services Officer in Travis County (TX) 

MTRP | Motion to Revoke Probation | Austin Criminal Defense

Why do DWI cases take so long?`

The Criminal Courthouse: The role of the judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney.

Starting Probation (Community Supervision) in Travis County

Criminal History

Background Checks, Applications, and Mugshots

Rejection of Charges

How to Look Up Your Criminal History from DPS

How to Look Up Your AR Driving Record 


3 Reasons To Get Your Case Expunged 

What Happens After a Judge Signs an Expunction 

Texas Expunction Process | How Long does Expungement Take in Texas

Wills & Estate Package

Our Simple Will Package