DWI Intervention Course


Q: What is the DWI intervention course?

A: The DWI intervention course is a 32-hour program designed for individuals who have faced DWI charges. It is particularly aimed at those with a second DWI arrest or those showing more severe signs of substance abuse.

Q: How is the 32-hour DWI intervention course structured?

A: The course is divided into sessions that typically last three hours each. The schedule is flexible to accommodate working adults, with classes available in various time slots throughout the day and evening.

Q: Can the course be completed in a specific time frame?

A: Yes, the course offers flexibility in scheduling. While it's possible to spread the sessions across nine weekends or to complete them over three days, the program encourages a spread-out schedule to facilitate better learning and reflection.

Q: What can participants expect from the DWI intervention course?

A: Participants will learn about Texas laws, the effects of drugs on the body, and undergo self-reflection to understand their motivations and obstacles to staying sober. The course includes discussions, writing exercises, and personal accountability sessions.

Q: How does the course encourage participants to engage and reflect?

A: The course uses various strategies to ensure engagement, including discussing current events and celebrities with alcohol problems, which helps participants relate and open up about their own experiences.

Q: Is the course only for individuals who identify with having an addiction?

A: No, the course is for anyone required to attend due to DWI charges, not just individuals who identify as having an addiction. It focuses on the behavior that led to the arrest, not labeling participants as addicts.

Q: Is there a test at the end of the intervention course?

A: Yes, participants take a 25-question test at the end of the course, which is designed to reinforce the material covered and ensure comprehension.

Q: Are the classes conducted in person or online?

A: Post-pandemic, the course is available online, allowing participants to join from the comfort and safety of their homes, which also helps accommodate various life commitments.

Q: What advice is offered to potential participants who are hesitant to enroll?

A: Potential participants are encouraged to be curious and contact the Education Resource of Texas for more information. The course is presented as a valuable investment in personal growth and legal resolution.