Looking Up Someone in the Travis County Jail

Looking Up Someone in the Travis County Jail

Charlie explains how the Travis County Inmate Search Website works and what information can be learned from it


How can I find out if someone is in Travis County Jail?

To check if someone is in Travis County Jail, visit the Travis County Inmate website. If they are in custody, they will be listed on this site.

What information can I find on the Travis County Inmate website?

The website provides details such as the inmate's charge, the location of their detention (either downtown Travis County Jail or the Travis County Correctional Complex near the airport), the date and time of their arrest, and their magistration status.

How do I know if an inmate has been magistrated?

The website indicates if the inmate has been magistrated, meaning a judge has set their bond and informed them of their charges.

Can I find out the bond amount and type for an inmate?

Yes, the website will show if a bond has been set and its amount. It also specifies the acceptable type of bond, which can be a personal bond, a surety bond, or a cash deposit bond.

What does 'disposition' mean on the inmate website?

'Disposition' refers to the current status of the inmate's case. It may show that a bond has been posted or, if the case is resolved, details like a sentence.

How do I search for an inmate on the website?

To search for an inmate, enter their name on the website. You only need the last name or the first few letters to retrieve a list of matching names.

What does it mean if an inmate's bond is set at zero?

If the bond is set at zero, it means the inmate has not yet been magistrated, and no bond has been set. This is common shortly after an arrest.

How can I tell where an inmate is being held?

The website specifies the facility where the inmate is held: either Travis County Jail (downtown) or the Travis County Correctional Complex (near the airport).

What should I do if I see 'no information available' for an inmate?

If you find 'no information available' for someone, it typically means they have been released from jail.

Is it possible to find out the exact charge an inmate is held for?

Yes, the website lists the specific charge(s) for which the inmate is being held.

Can I determine the eligibility for a personal bond for an inmate?

The site will indicate if the inmate is eligible for a personal bond. Sometimes it will specify 'any type of bond,' which includes personal bonds.