Travis county C.E.S. Evaluation FAQ

What is the C.E.S. Evaluation?

It is an evaluation that is typically required when someone is arrested for an Assault (FV) case in Travis County. It is how Travis County determines which counseling classes are appropriate for you. They will look at the facts of the current case, any prior arrests, and ask you questions about your life situation.

Do I go to the C.E.S. location in person?

Not anymore. It is all virtual now. You need to have access to a computer with video/audio capabilities. They use Teams video conferencing to interview you.

How does it work?

STEP 1: Call them (512-854-9540), then press 2 when they offer the menu of choices) and tell them you need to get an evaluation. They should have your ‘referral form’ on file. But if they don’t, contact us and we will send it to them.

STEP 2: Look for an email with their intake form. This will include demographic questions and some questions about the arrest. They will already know general information about the current arrest and your criminal history. They use Docusign to allow you to sign the form.

This is the INtake form:

  • CES FORM2.png
  • CES FORM1.png

STEP 3: They will send you a long questionnaire about your current and past alcohol/substance use.

STEP 4: After you complete the questionnaire, they will email you with a Teams link. Use the link for a virtual session with a counselor. Sessions are available at 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, or 1:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday on a first-come, first-served basis.

STEP 5: They will send you a list of classes with the ones they recommend for you check-marked or circled. Please forward the list to us (or take a picture and email it to us).

STEP 6: You need to start taking the classes.

Why do they require people to take the evaluation? Can’t I just take the classes without it?

The evaluation is designed to look for people who need extra counseling. Some people who get arrested only need minimal counseling (because their life is generally stable). Other people have serious addiction issues. Some people are in the middle. The C.ES evaluation is how they figure out which one you are.

What if I want to do the evaluation sooner than the date they gave me?

You can call them at 8am (everyday) and ask to be put "standby list" - they occasionally have appointments available that day.

Should I be careful what I say to them?

Well, don’t exaggerate anything. However, I am a fan of counseling. Many of my clients have benefited from the counseling that they initially didn’t want to do. *NOTE that you cannot get into the DWI Pre-Trial Diversion program if your CES evaluation indicates that you have a serious alcohol/drug problem.

Will they tell the prosecutors what I say about the arrest?

No. They are only concerned with the counseling that would benefit you.

What if I take the class while the case is pending and my probation officer says I need to take the class again.

They won’t do that. You will only need to take a class one time.

I have more questions.

No problem. Email or call us.