Travis County DWI Video information

DWI Videos FAQ

When can you get a copy of the video?

We request the video immediately after you retain us. However the County Attorney usually takes between 1-3 months to provide us a copy.

Why does it take so long?

The Austin Police Department and the County Attorney are overwhelmed with the volume of videos. Each arrest involves many gigabytes of data.

Does the delay disadvantage us?

No. We never resolve a case without seeing the video first.

How many videos have you seen?


Should I come see it?

I recommend that you watch it. It will help you make the decision on whether to take the plea bargain or have a jury trial. Seeing the video reduces the chances that you will regret whatever decision you make.

Do I have to come watch it?

No. About 20% of my clients opt out of watching the video. In those cases, we watch it for them.

Can you send me a copy of the video?

No. The video is usually on special law enforcement software. It isn’t a regular DVD or MPEG file.

Can you keep the video out of a jury trial.

No. There are some circumstances where we could redact (remove) portions of the video or audio – but this is rare and it would most likely not be of the important part (Field Sobriety Test).

Where do I go to see it?

Our office.

What do we do while we watch the video?

I will point out the aspects that are good for us. And I will also point out the elements that the prosecutors will claim is evidence of intoxication.

What are you looking for?

I’m looking for any behavior by the police officer that is illegal or may be distasteful to a prosecutor (or jury). I’m also looking for evidence of mental and physical faculties of my client – anything that may persuade a prosecutor to offer an Obstruction of a Highway (or better) plea bargain.

What if I cry while watching it?

I have tissues.

I have more questions about the video…

No problem. Email or call us at (512) 472-1113.