Ordering a certified copy of your Travis County criminal record before an expunction

You've told me that I should get a certified copy of my criminal case records. Why?

Sometimes you will need to show an agency information about the arrest. For example, it is common for US Immigration agencies to want more information. Also some professional medical/legal organizations will want more info.

But I want to expunge the case.

Understood. However, you should keep these certified copies in case you need to show someone in the future. If we've expunged the case, there will be no records to show them... which can be a serious problem.

Don't you keep a certified copy of my records?

No. We will have some parts of the record, but not all of it. And none of the pages are certified.

How do I get the records?

Call/email the County Clerk (misdemeanors) at 512-854-9188 misdemeanor@traviscountytx.gov - see more info on their webpage . Or the District Clerk (felonies) at 512-854-9457 or through this page.

Does it cost money?

Yes. You will have to pay the County Clerk and/or District Clerk for the certified copies. It is approximately $6/page. Some records have 50+ pages.

What pages should I request?

You should ask for "the full file."

How do they get me the records?

They will mail them to you.