Do I need to pay the full bond amount on a Personal Bond?

Charlie explains the bond amount on a personal bond


It is a bond that releases someone from jail (without having to pay a bail bondsman or put up cash). It is provided by Travis County and must be approved by a judge. There is a small fee (usually between $20 and $150) that must be paid within 7 days after the release. The amount of the fee will be notated on a yellow coupon that is included in the release paperwork.

Do I need to pay the full bond amount if I get a personal bond?

No, you do not pay the full amount of the bond. You only pay the small personal bond fee.

What does the full bond amount mean?

The full bond amount, which could be something like $3000, $7000, $10,000, etc., is what you agree to pay if you do not show up for court.

I missed a court date. Do I automatically owe the full bond amount?

No. Travis County will file a civil suit against you to get the full amount only after you have disappeared for a long time. They do not immediately try to get the money if you miss a single court date. However, the judge will likely file a warrant for your arrest if you miss a court date. If this happens, you should contact your attorney immediately and see if they can talk the judge into withdrawing the warrant and giving you a new court date.


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