Paying Your Personal Bond Fee

An explanation of the personal bond fee in Travis County

How much is the personal bond fee?

The personal bond will come with a yellow "Pretrial Services Payment Coupon" that has the fee listed. It can be $20/$40 or 3% of the full bond amount.


Example of Pretrial Services Payment Coupon

How do I pay the fee?

The easiest way to pay the fee is to do it online at The "Bureau" code for Travis County is: 7270508. You will also have to enter a "PT#" (a unique # which is on the coupon). You can also pay the fee by mailing a money order to Travis County Pretrial Services, P.O. Box 1748, Austin, TX 78767. Additionally, you can pay in person at the Blackwell-Thurman CJC courthouse. All of this information is on the coupon.

how long do i have to make the payment?

The bond says that you must pay within 7 days of your release. However, nothing happens if you don't pay by then. While I recommend that you pay the personal bond fee, it does not hurt your case if you don't. Eventually Pretrial Services will send you letters saying you owe the money. Again, I recommend that you go ahead and pay it. If you have an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) requirement, Pretrial Services will apply more pressure for you to pay the bond and monitoring fee.

I still haven't paid the fee and it has been a long time.

I recommend that you pay it. But don't worry that you have missed the deadline.

do I have to pay the full Personal bond amount?

No. You only have to pay the small personal bond fee. This FAQ/Video has more information about the difference between the bond amount and the personal bond fee.


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