12 Hour DWIE Class

12 Hour DWIE Class

Charlie explains the 12-hour DWIE class in Texas and how it benefits your case


Q: Can the 12 hour DWIE class be completed in one day?

A: No, the course is typically spread over three days, with four hours of class each day.

Q: Are there any online options for taking the DWIE class in Travis County?

A: No, Travis County does not allow the DWIE class to be taken online.

Q: Why can't the companies teaching the DWIE class be flexible with the curriculum?

A: The rules for these classes are defined by the state legislature, and deviation from the curriculum can result in the company losing its certification.

Q: What is the format of the DWIE class?

A: The DWIE class has an interactive format, similar to a seventh grade health class, and includes an introductory test, daily discussions, and a final knowledge test.

Q: What is the difficulty level of the tests in the DWIE class?

A: The tests are not overly difficult, but they require attention during the class to pass.

Q: What happens if someone forges the certificate from the DWIE class?

A: Forging a certificate is a felony, as it is considered a government document.

Q: Does taking the DWIE class imply admission of guilt for a DWI?

A: No, taking the class is not an admission of guilt; it is viewed as a proactive step and is used to show that an individual is reflecting on their situation.

Q: How soon should one take the DWIE class after being arrested for a DWI?

A: It is recommended to complete the class within two to three months of the arrest date.

Q: Should you take the class even if you believe you are not guilty of a DWI?

A: Yes, taking the class can be beneficial in negotiations with prosecutors regardless of the perceived guilt.

Q: What is the cost of the DWIE class?

A: The cost typically ranges between $70 and $90.

Q: Can you be late or miss a day of the DWIE class?

A: No, you cannot be late or miss any of the class days without having to restart the entire program.

Q: How do people generally feel after completing the DWIE class?

A: Many clients report learning something valuable and feel better about their case after hearing others’ experiences.