32-Hour DWI Intervention Course

32-Hour DWI Intervention Course

Charlie explains the 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class, usually for repeat DWI offenders or those showing serious signs of alcohol issues.


Q: What is the 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class?

A: The 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class is a program typically for individuals who have been arrested for a second DWI. It may also be required if there are indications of an alcohol problem, as identified by the authorities.

Q: What is the difference between the 12-Hour and 32-Hour DWI Classes?

A: The 12-Hour DWI Education Class is the first level, while the 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class is the second level, intended for more serious or repeat offenses.

Q: How long is the 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class?

A: The course is spread over six to eight weeks, with classes lasting two to three hours each and held twice a week at most.

Q: How many students are in each class?

A: Classes typically have between three and 15 students.

Q: Are there any attendance requirements?

A: Yes, you are allowed two excused absences, but they must be made up.

Q: Can the classes be taken online?

A: Post-pandemic, many of these classes can be taken on Zoom. Some programs may still offer in-person classes. The format (online or in-person) should be specified on the program's website.

Q: What are the rules for online classes?

A: Even on Zoom, you must pay attention throughout the course. There is a test at the end, and if you fail it, you must retake the entire class.

Q: What if I fail the final test?

A: If you fail the test at the end of the class, you will not receive the certificate and will need to retake the course.

Q: How do people typically feel about the course?

A: Many clients, even those initially resistant, end up liking the course. The instructors are trained to engage participants and help them reflect on their relationship with alcohol and how to avoid future issues.

Q: How many providers offer this course in Austin?

A: There are about eight to ten companies in Austin that offer this course.

Q: How much does the 32-Hour DWI Intervention Class cost?

A: The course typically costs between $250 and $300, and most programs allow for payment plans.

Q: How do I choose a course provider?

A: You should choose a provider that fits with your schedule. Information about the format and schedule is usually available on the provider's website.