After the Judge Signs Expunction

After the Judge Signs your Expunction


1. What happens after a judge signs my expunction order?

A: Once a judge signs your expunction order, the agencies listed in the petition are notified to delete and destroy the relevant records. These agencies will then confirm with the court once they have complied with the order.

2. How long does it take for agencies to delete and destroy records after expunction?

A: The time frame varies: it can range from one month to six months or more. This depends on each agency's workload and efficiency, and there's no specific timeline they must follow.

3. Can the expunction process be expedited by an attorney?

A: No, once the judge signs the expunction order, the speed at which agencies respond is out of an attorney's control. You'll need to wait for each agency to process the expunction at their own pace.

4. Will online mugshot companies remove my mugshot after expunction?

A: Typically, online mugshot companies will remove your mugshot once they receive a copy of the expunction order. If they don't do it automatically, sending them a copy should prompt compliance.

5. Should I keep a copy of my expunction order?

A: Yes, it's advised to keep a copy of your expunction order in your important documents. This can be useful if you ever need to prove the expunction to a reluctant agency or organization.

6. Do I need to acknowledge my expunged arrest on applications?

A: Generally, no. You don't have to mention the expunged arrest when applying for most jobs or housing. However, for positions requiring high-level government clearance, like in the FBI or as an airline pilot, you should disclose the expunged record as these applications often require it.

7. Are there exceptions to disclosing an expunged arrest?

A: Yes, certain professions and high-security clearances may require you to disclose expunged records. These include careers in law enforcement, aviation, healthcare, and some government positions.

8. What is the purpose of an expunction?

A: An expunction aims to erase the legal trace of an arrest or charge, effectively making it as if the incident never occurred for most practical purposes, such as job and housing applications.

9. How will I know when the agencies have complied with the expunction order? A: Agencies will typically send a confirmation letter to the court clerk once they have deleted and destroyed the records as per the expunction order.