Austin DWI Towing

Austin DWI Towing


Q: What happens to my car if I get arrested for a DWI in Austin?

A: If you're arrested for a DWI in Austin, your car will likely be towed. After release from jail, deputies will provide a list of commonly used tow companies, indicating where your car has been taken.

Q: How can I confirm where my car has been towed?

A: To confirm the location of your towed car, use This website allows you to locate your vehicle by entering details like the license plate, VIN number, or other specific information about the car and the date of impound.

Q: What is Southside Wrecker and how are they involved?

A: Southside Wrecker is a tow company frequently used in Austin. Most tow companies in the area follow similar policies, and many cars end up at Southside Wrecker.

Q: What are the fees for retrieving my car from Southside Wrecker?

A: The initial fee at Southside Wrecker is $218.30, with an additional $21.65 charged for each subsequent day. Fees can also be found on the website.

Q: What forms of payment does Southside Wrecker accept?

A: Southside Wrecker accepts cash or credit cards, but a photo I.D. must be presented.

Q: What if the police took my driver's license? How can I retrieve my car?

A: Southside Wrecker accepts various forms of government I.D., including a temporary paper driver's license from D.P.S, military I.D., a concealed handgun license, passport, green card, or offender I.D.

Q: Does the I.D. need to match the registered owner of the vehicle?

A: Yes, the name and address on your government I.D. must match the registered owner of the vehicle. Southside Wrecker can verify this information online.

Q: Can someone else pick up my car?

A: Another person can pick up the car if their last name and address on their government-issued I.D. match those of the registered car owner. Otherwise, they cannot.

Q: Am I allowed to retrieve items from my car if I can’t get the car out yet?

A: Yes, you are allowed to retrieve items from your vehicle even if you cannot take the car out of impound immediately.