CES Evaluation

CES evaluation

Charlie explains the CES evaluation by Travis County, which assesses what classes a person might need for legal reasons, and can be done in-person or remotely to help move their case forward.


Q: What is the CES evaluation?

A: The CES evaluation is a process conducted by Travis County Counseling Education Services to determine which classes an individual needs based on their relationship with drugs, alcohol, or other factors, not a class itself.

Q: For what purposes is the CES evaluation used?

A: The evaluation is used for determining necessary classes for individuals as part of bond conditions, probation, or pretrial diversion programs.

Q: Is there a walk-in option for the CES evaluation?

A: Yes, there's a walk-in option available on Tuesdays at 5501 Airport Boulevard, starting at 7:15 AM, allowing you to complete the process in one day.

Q: How do you complete the CES evaluation remotely?

A: To complete it remotely, first, call 512-854-9540 for initial verification, then follow through with a DocuSign form and an ASI questionnaire via email, leading to a virtual assessment scheduled by the team.

Q: What happens during the virtual assessment?

A: In the virtual assessment conducted via Teams, a professional will review your completed questionnaire with you, ask additional questions, and determine the classes you need.

Q: What should I do if I don't receive any calls or emails after the initial steps?

A: If you haven't received any communication, you should proactively call them back and check your spam email to ensure you don't miss any important updates.

Q: Why is the CES evaluation important?

A: Completing the CES evaluation is crucial as it helps move your legal case forward, so it's recommended to undertake it as soon as your attorney advises.