Defense Attorney Wears SCRAM Ankle Monitor

Defense Attorney Wears SCRAM Ankle Monitor


Q: What are the different levels of alcohol monitoring in the court system?

A: The levels include:

  1. Ignition Interlock Device: Used typically for a first DWI, preventing drunk driving but not drinking outside of driving.
  2. Portable Alcohol Monitor: Requires blowing into the device four times a day, ensuring the individual doesn't drink at all.
  3. SCRAM Device: An ankle monitor that continuously tests for alcohol.
  4. County Jail: Used if other monitoring systems fail or if positive alcohol detection occurs.

Q: What is the SCRAM device, and how does it work?

A: The SCRAM device is an ankle monitor that continuously tests for alcohol. It also measures temperature to prevent tampering and cannot be removed without a penalty.

Q: Can I shower with the SCRAM device, and is it painful to wear?

A: Yes, you can shower with the SCRAM device without covering it. The device may cause discomfort, depending on how tight it is and its position on the ankle. Some users find specific spots less painful.

Q: What should I do if I think my SCRAM device is too tight?

A: If the SCRAM device feels too tight, you should return to the installation center for adjustment. However, the device is designed to fit snugly to ensure accurate monitoring.

Q: Can I exercise, like running, with the SCRAM device?

A: Yes, you can engage in activities like running, but be mindful of the device's presence to avoid discomfort or damage.

Q: What are the consequences of removing or tampering with the SCRAM device?

A: Tampering with or removing the SCRAM device is considered a violation and can lead to penalties, such as a $175 charge for cutting it off.

Q: What are the final thoughts on using a SCRAM device?

A: The SCRAM device, though uncomfortable, is considered better than jail. It can be a helpful tool for individuals struggling with alcohol, leading to significant positive changes in their lives. However, there's a call for the creation of better, more modern devices.