Do I Need to Pay Bond Amount on Personal Bond (Travis County, TX)?

Do I Need to Pay the full Bond Amount on Personal Bond (Travis County, TX)?

Austin defense attorney Charlie Roadman explains what the bond amount on a personal bond means.


What is a Travis County Personal Bond?

A Travis County Personal Bond is issued by Travis County to defendants deemed reliable enough to show up for court. It is essentially a bond given without needing to pay a bail bondsman, indicating trust in the defendant's commitment to appear in court.

Do I need to pay the bond amount listed on the Personal Bond?

No, the bond amount listed (e.g., $3,500) is not what you pay. This amount is what you would be liable for if you fail to appear in court as required.

What fees are associated with a Personal Bond?

There is a personal bond fee, typically around $40, but it can vary. This fee is what you are required to pay. For example, if there's an ignition analog device requirement, it might be 3% of the bond amount.

What does the language around the bond amount mean?

The language in the bond essentially states that if you appear in court as required, the obligation to pay the bond amount (e.g., $3,500) becomes void. However, if you fail to appear, you are liable to pay this amount.

What happens if I don't show up for my court date?

If you fail to appear for your court date, two main consequences follow. First, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Second, eventually, the court might file a civil suit against you for the payment of the bond amount, although this process can take a significant amount of time (up to a year).

Can I avoid appearing in court if I have an attorney?

If your attorney advises you that your presence is not required in court, you should follow their advice. Legal representation can sometimes exempt you from needing to appear personally.

I still have questions.

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