Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

Charlie discusses the Travis County Family Violence Intervention Program, a 12-month initiative for assault family violence cases.


Q: What is the Travis County Family Violence Intervention Program?

A: It's a specific program in Travis County designed for assault family violence cases, where defendants complete counseling and other assigned tasks over 12 months to potentially have their case dismissed.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: The program is 12 months long and includes counseling and various tasks set by prosecutors.

Q: What happens after successfully completing the program?

A: Upon successful completion, the defendant's case is dismissed, making it eligible for expunction after a certain waiting period.

Q: Is this program considered probation?

A: No, it's not probation. Participants are not assigned a probation officer but must adhere to the program's conditions while remaining on bond.

Q: What are the requirements during the program?

A: Participants must avoid legal trouble, abstain from illegal drug use, and fulfill all program requirements.

Q: How is a defendant considered for the program?

A: Prosecutors offer the program after evaluating the case, including the evidence, the victim's wishes, and the defendant's criminal history. Defense attorneys can also request consideration for their client.

Q: What happens if the program is offered and accepted?

A: The defendant and their attorney will review the program's terms. If accepted, the defendant signs a contract to complete the program, and the prosecutors agree to dismiss the case upon successful completion.

Q: What if the defendant completes the program?

A: If all conditions are met and no further legal issues arise, the prosecutor will dismiss the case at the end of the program.