How to find your court date in Travis County

How to find your court date in Travis County

Charlie shows you how to find your Travis County court date online.


Where should I start my search for a court date in Travis County?

There are a few methods:

  • Docket Search: Click on the docket search and then select "searching by arrested person" to view a PDF list of all pending cases, which you can browse alphabetically to find your case and court date.

  • Access Docket Search Application: This option allows you to search by a person's name and is more straightforward. It will directly provide your court date, the court, and the floor number.

  • Online Case Information: Use the Odyssey portal to search for your case, which will list all court dates and provide details in legal terms, with the last date being the upcoming one.

What information will I find in the PDF list of pending cases?

The PDF will list all pending cases alphabetically with details such as the next court date, the court you are in, and the type of setting that is next.

Is the Access Docket Search Application easier to use than the PDF list?

Yes, it is considered easier because you can search directly by a person's name to find specific court date information.

Can I find my past court dates and details about my case?

Yes, by using the Odyssey portal, you can find comprehensive information about your case, including all past court dates and descriptions of what occurred on those dates in legal terms.

What should I be aware of regarding court date changes?

Court dates can sometimes change at the last minute due to decisions by the judge or the court, and your defense attorney may not be immediately informed. A court date change does not necessarily mean your attorney is not doing their job well.

How can I ensure that I have the most current information on my court date?

It is recommended to frequently check the Travis County website and stay in regular contact with your defense attorney to receive the most up-to-date information regarding your court date.