How to find your court date in Travis County

How to find your court date in Travis County

Hi, I'm Charlie Roadman, Austin criminal defense attorney, and today I'm going to show you how to find your court date for a criminal case in Travis County. Okay, so first you're going to go to, and there's a couple options, but we're going to start off with this docket search right here.

And when you click on that, it gives you some more options. And we're going to look at this searching by arrested person. Okay? So when you click on this, it's going to show a PDF that's 1200 pages long of all the pending cases in Travis County. And you can find yours just by going alphabetically down the list. And then you'll see there that your next court date is going to be right there on the PDF. And it also tells you the court you're in and the type of case or the type of setting that's next.

Now, another way to look is this access docket search application, which is probably a little easier because it just gives you a way to search by a person's name. So you could put your name in and it'll just find you, and you'll see the court date right there and the court and what floor of the court it's even on.

Now, there is another option to find your court date, it's through this online case information. And that's going to take you to this Odyssey portal where you do a search and you'll end up with information that'll look like this. And it has quite a bit of information about the case, because it'll have all the court dates listed and sort of vaguely what happened in the kind of legalistic terms. But the last court date will be the one that's upcoming. And you can see right there is where you can find the new court date.

All right, real quick, a warning though, sometimes court dates change, the judge does it or the court does it before they tell your defense attorney. So sometimes we don't even know that the court dates changed until the actual court date. So just because you haven't been told by your attorney that your court date is changed, doesn't mean your attorney's doing a bad job. Just these court dates change all the time. All right, I hope that's helpful. Good luck.