How To Look Up Warrants In Travis County

How To Look Up Warrants In Travis County

Charlie explains how to find warrants online in Travis County using just your name and date of birth.


Q: How can I look up warrants online in Travis County?

A: You can search for warrants online using your name and sometimes your date of birth. Links to all relevant websites for conducting these searches are included in the description.

Q: Is law enforcement required to notify me if there is a warrant for my arrest?

A: No, law enforcement is not obligated to inform you of an existing warrant. It's a common misconception that they must notify individuals, but that is not the case.

Q: How long after an offense can a warrant be issued?

A: A warrant can be issued up to two years after the date of the offense, particularly for misdemeanors, due to the statute of limitations.

Q: Which website should I primarily use to look up warrants in Travis County?

A: The main website for looking up Class B misdemeanors, Class A misdemeanors, and all felonies (except traffic tickets) is the Travis County Odyssey portal.

Q: Are there other websites I should check in addition to the Travis County Odyssey portal?

A: Yes, you should also check the APD warrant site and the Travis County Sheriff's Office warrant website to ensure thoroughness, as some information might not appear in the Odyssey portal.

Q: Where do I search for Class C ticket warrants?

A: For Class C tickets, you should check the Austin Municipal Warrants website. If the ticket is from one of the Justice of the Peace Courts, check their specific website.

Q: What should I do if the municipality is not online, like Bee Caves or Sunset Valley?

A: For municipalities that do not offer online searches, you must contact the court directly to inquire about any Class C ticket warrants.

Q: What are the webpages to look up warrants?


Travis County Odyssey Portal | APD Warrant Search | Travis County Sheriff's Warrant Search


Austin Municipal Warrant Search | Justice of the Peace Courts

Q: Who can I contact for help looking up a warrant?

A: If you need assistance looking up a warrant, fill out the forms below and we will call you with more information.

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