Paying Your Personal Bond Fee

Paying Your Personal Bond Fee in Travis County

Charlie talks about how to pay the small fee for a personal bond after getting out of jail in Travis County. He explains how to pay this fee online and notes that if you're late in paying, it's not a big problem.


Q: What is a personal bond in Travis County?

A: A personal bond in Travis County is essentially a release from jail that doesn't require payment upfront. It's an agreement that you will show up for your court dates.

Q: Is there a fee associated with a personal bond?

A: Yes, while the personal bond itself is free, Travis County charges an administrative fee for monitoring your bond.

Q: What does the Travis County personal bond fee typically include?

A: The fee includes a bureau code which is used for online payments and indicates that the fee is for a Travis County personal bond. It may also include additional costs if you have an ignition interlock device requirement.

Q: How much is the personal bond fee?

A: The fee can be $20, $40, or 3% of the bond amount, depending on whether you have an ignition interlock device requirement or other conditions.

Q: When should I pay the personal bond fee?

A: The fee is supposed to be paid within seven days of your release from jail.

Q: What happens if I don't pay the personal bond fee on time?

A: If you miss the deadline, don't panic. There are hardly any consequences for late payment apart from receiving reminders to pay the fee.

Q: Does failing to pay the personal bond fee have an impact on my case?

A: No, it doesn't worsen your case if you pay late, but it is recommended to pay it to avoid unnecessary correspondence.

Q: How can I pay the personal bond fee?

A: You can pay the fee online at using the provided bureau code, which is 7270508 for Travis County.

Q: What information do I need to provide when paying the fee online?

A: You will need to enter the bureau code, your payment amount, your PT number, your name, and your payment information.

Q: Can I get assistance if I have questions or problems paying the fee?

A: Yes, you can reach out to your attorney or the pretrial services if you have any questions or need help paying your personal bond fee.