Replacing Your Driver's License

Replacing Your Driver's License

Charlie explains how to replace your driver's license after getting arrested for a DWI


Q: Why do I need to replace my driver's license after a DWI arrest?

A: Police will confiscate your driver's license if you blow over the limit of 0.08, refuse to blow, or refuse to provide a blood specimen. They do not return it, so you must obtain a new one for identification purposes and future legal needs.

Q: Can I just go to DPS and get a new license after a DWI?

A: Yes, you are allowed to go to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to get a new driver's license by reporting it as lost.

Q: Will DPS know about my DWI arrest if I go to replace my license?

A: DPS will not prevent you from getting a new license even if they are aware of your DWI arrest. They will simply issue you a new one.

Q: Is it possible to replace my driver's license online after a DWI arrest?

A: It's possible if you have your audit number from your previous license. Since the police usually take the physical license, you'll need to have a record of this number, like a photo of your license. If not, you must visit a DPS office in person.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to DPS for a replacement driver's license?

A: You should bring one primary document, like a passport, or two secondary documents, or one secondary document and two supporting documents. A list of acceptable documents is available online.

Q: How do I choose a DPS location for replacing my driver's license?

A: There are four locations in Travis County. You can use the provided link to find the one closest to you and see what documents you need.

Q: Should I check in online before going to DPS for a license replacement?

A: Yes, it's highly recommended to check in online with DPS's online system. This will assign you a specific time to show up and can make the process quicker and less painful.