Starting Probation in Travis County, Texas

Starting Probation in Travis County, Texas

Charlie describes the probation process, plus tips and tricks on how to benefit your case during probation


Q: What happens on the first day of probation?

A: You will start by filling out the plea paperwork with your attorney. Next, you'll complete the probation intake form, which requires basic demographic data and three references (name, address, phone number).

Q: What occurs during the court appearance for a misdemeanor plea?

A: The misdemeanor plea typically lasts about 45 seconds, where you plea 'no contest', and the judge confirms your identity.

Q: What are the initial steps after the court appearance?

A: You'll meet an in-court probation officer to go over and sign the probation conditions. You'll receive a map of the courthouse and a probation assignment form detailing next steps.

Q: What are the immediate tasks after leaving the courthouse?

A: Visit the tax room to discuss court costs, usually around $500-$550, and set up a payment plan. You'll also need to go to the probation building at 411 West 13th Street to receive a probation handbook.

Q: When is the first probation meeting scheduled?

A: The first meeting with your probation officer is typically set for three weeks after your court date, at either the north or south probation office, depending on where you live.

Q: What is probation orientation?

A: Held between your plea date and first PO meeting, it involves reviewing the probation handbook. Sessions are available Monday through Thursday at either 8:30 AM or 3:30 PM.

Q: How often do probation meetings occur?

A: Initially, meetings are usually monthly, but they may reduce to every couple of months based on your performance.

Q: What are the keys to successful probation?


Positive Attitude: Act happy and cooperative.

Patience: Expect delays and bring something to occupy your time.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs: These are common reasons for probation revocation.

Permission for Travel: Always ask for permission well in advance.

Compliance: Complete classes, community service, and pay fees promptly.

Adaptability: If restricted from an activity, comply and consult your attorney for assistance.

Q: What should I do if I encounter difficulties during probation?

A: If there are issues or restrictions you find unreasonable, contact your attorney for advice and assistance.