Mitigation—The Good Guy/Gal Packet

Mitigation—The Good Guy/Gal Packet

Charlie explains what the Good Guy/Gal Packet is, and how it is used to help your case


Q: What is a Good Guy/Gal Packet?

A: A Good Guy/Gal Packet, also known as a mitigation packet, is a collection of documents that a defense attorney presents to the prosecutor to negotiate a better deal or a dismissal for their client.

Q: What is the purpose of these documents?

A: These documents aim to show that the defendant is less likely to reoffend, highlighting their past achievements, current responsibilities, and future aspirations. They serve to paint a broader picture of the individual beyond the offense report.

Q: What kind of documents are included in the Good Guy/Gal Packet?

A: The packet should include credible and verifiable documents that prove past accomplishments, present endeavors, and future goals. This can include letters of recommendation, proof of counseling, school enrollment, community service, awards, personal essays, and any other relevant material that showcases the defendant's character and responsibilities.

Q: Why do the documents need to be credible and verifiable?

A: The documents must be trustworthy so that the prosecutor can confidently consider them in the defendant's favor. There should be ways to verify the information provided, including contact information for individuals who can corroborate the claims.

Q: How can these documents influence a prosecutor's decision?

A: By providing a comprehensive view of the defendant's life and potential, the documents can persuade the prosecutor to offer a lesser punishment or even dismiss the case. It shows the prosecutor that the defendant has much to lose, suggesting they are less likely to engage in reckless behavior in the future.

Q: Can the Good Guy/Gal Packet help even if it doesn't lead to a case reduction or dismissal?

A: Yes, even if the packet doesn't directly result in a case reduction or dismissal, it often leads to a reduced punishment because it provides the prosecutor with a justification for a more lenient outcome.

Q: What if the defendant has not complied with bond conditions?

A: Non-compliance with bond conditions can negate the positive effects of the mitigation packet. It's essential for the defendant to adhere to all bond conditions to show the seriousness of their intent to change.

Q: Why is it essential for the packet to show that the defendant has something to lose?

A: Demonstrating that the defendant has significant stakes – like educational goals or career aspirations – can convince the prosecutor that they are less likely to commit future offenses, thereby justifying a more favorable outcome.

Q: What is the role of the defense attorney in presenting the Good Guy/Gal Packet?

A: The defense attorney must carefully select and present the documents to the prosecutor, highlighting their relevance and importance. This process is like diplomacy; it must be done subtly and respectfully to avoid provoking a negative reaction from the prosecutor.

Q: How can a defendant contribute to their Good Guy/Gal Packet?

A: Defendants should provide their attorney with all relevant documents and information that might aid their case. They should also proactively take steps like attending classes or counseling if applicable, showing that they are earnestly working towards betterment.

Q: If I have questions or need help with my case, what should I do?

A: You should contact your defense attorney to discuss your specific situation and find out the best course of action. Your attorney will guide you on what to provide for your Good Guy/Gal Packet and how to navigate the legal process to achieve the best possible outcome.