Alcohol and Other Drug Class (AOD)

Travis County Counseling and Education Services (CES) offers Alcohol and Drug (AOD) classes for those who have a problematic relationship with alcohol, include state-certified programs and clinical classes. These classes teach about the dangers of substance abuse and aim to help people make better choices about using alcohol and drugs.


Q: What is the main goal of the course?

A: The course aims to deepen understanding of addictive disorders, highlighting their complexity beyond just chemical misuse.It provides insights into the body's complexity and the impact of substance abuse.

Q: Who teaches the AOD class?

A: This class is taught by CES. Private companies do not offer this course.

Q: What kind of information will I receive in the course?

A: You'll get credible drug information and personal growth guidance.

Q: Is the course available in other languages or formats?

A: Yes, it's available in Spanish and for the hearing impaired.

Q: How long is the course, and what is its structure?

A: The course is 12 hours, divided into three 4-hour sessions.

Q: Where is the course held, and what is the cost?

A: It's at the CES Service Center (5501 Airport BLVD #102) and costs $70.

Q: What are the accepted payment methods and payment terms?

A: Credit cards, Money Order or cashier’s check are accepted as payment methods. Payment is due at registration and there is a fee for rescheduling. Find more information about payment