Two Types of Occupational Driver Licenses

Two Types of Occupational Driver Licenses

Charlie explains the two different types of Occupational Driver Licenses (ODLs) and how they are different from regular driver licenses.


Q: What are the two types of Texas Occupational Driver's Licenses (ODL)?

A: There are two main types of ODLs in Texas:

  1. ODL with hours and counties limitations.
  2. ODL with an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) requirement.

Q: What is an ODL with hours and counties limitations?

A: This type of ODL requires you to specify the counties you will drive in and the hours you are allowed to drive. For example, if traveling from Austin to San Antonio, all intervening counties must be listed. The license also limits driving to a maximum of 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

Q: Can the hours and counties on an ODL be changed after issuance?

A: No, once set, these restrictions cannot be changed without obtaining an amended ODL, which may incur additional legal fees.

Q: What is an ODL with an IID requirement?

A: This ODL type requires an Ignition Interlock Device, which detects alcohol, to be installed in your vehicle. It does not have time or county restrictions and is typically issued in cases related to DWI charges or as part of probation terms.

Q: Under what circumstances might I need an ODL with an IID?

A: You might need this if you're charged with a DWI, under bond conditions, part of probation, or enrolled in a pretrial diversion program requiring an IID.

Q: What activities are permitted with a Texas Occupational Driver's License?

A: Despite the name, an ODL allows for more than just work-related driving. It covers essential household duties like grocery shopping, visiting a lawyer, or going to the hospital. Entertainment purposes are generally not permitted.

Q: Do restrictions on an ODL vary by county or judge?

A: Yes, different counties and judges may impose different restrictions. For instance, in Travis County, any household duties are typically allowed.

Q: Is an Occupational Driver's License limited to work-related driving only?

A: No, an ODL in Texas is not limited to work-related driving. It covers essential household and personal duties as well.