What is TCCES?

What is TCCES?

Charlie explains TCCES (Travis County Counseling Education Services), an organization that conducts evaluations for drug, alcohol, and anger management cases.


Q: What is TCCES?

A: TCCES stands for Travis County Counseling Education Services. It's an organization that conducts evaluations for individuals with drug, alcohol, or anger management issues.

Q: Why is TCCES mentioned on bond papers?

A: When someone is released from jail on a bond, TCCES might be mentioned as part of the conditions. It indicates that the judge requires the individual to undergo an evaluation by TCCES.

Q: What is a CES evaluation?

A: The CES evaluation is the assessment that TCCES conducts to determine what type of classes an individual might need based on their evaluation for alcohol, drug, or anger management issues.

Q: Is the CES evaluation a class?

A: No, the CES evaluation itself is not a class. It's an assessment process to identify which specific classes or treatments the person should attend as part of their bond condition, probation, pretrial diversion, or other legal requirements.

Q: What's the contact information for TCCES?

A: The phone number for TCCES is 512-854-9540.

Q: I have more questions. What do I do?

A: Feel free to call us for more information about TCCES at 512.472.1113.