Williamson County Pre-Trial Intervention Program

Successful completion of the Williamson County PTI program results in a dismissal of the case.

NOTE**** The initial counseling evaluation involves a drug (UA) test.

The Williamson County Pre-Trial Intervention program requires a counseling evaluation to make sure that you do not have a serious alcohol or drug problem. They will give you a drug test at this evaluation.

Minimum Criteria Defendant must meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible for PTIP, which will not be waived:

a) Defendant must admit his or her guilt to the offense charged in the Information and accept full responsibility for the commission of said offense.

b) Defendant must not have any adult criminal history, regardless of disposition, involving any offense that is the same or similar offense as the offense charged that is the subject of the PTIP application.

c) Defendant must not have any felony convictions, felony deferred adjudications, or any adjudicated felony offenses as a juvenile.

d) Defendant must not have any misdemeanor convictions or deferred adjudications within the past ten (10) years, or any adjudicated misdemeanors as a juvenile within the past three (3) years.

e) Defendant must not have more than one criminal episode that resulted in charges being dismissed within the past ten (10) years. The reason for said dismissal cannot be for completing any type of PTIP program.

f) Defendant must have access to the internet and have an e‐mail account to fulfill the obligations and conditions of PTIP.

g) Defendant must be willing and able to be monitored using an ignition interlock device with a camera or a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM), or other approved form of remote alcohol monitoring.

h) Defendant cannot make any material misrepresentations in the PTIP Application.

i) Defendant cannot commit any new offense during the pendency of the PTIP Application.

j) Defendant cannot be charged with any of the following offenses:  Any offense under Tex. Penal C. Chapter 43 Public Indecency  Any offense under Tex. Penal C. Chapter 21 Sexual Offenses  Any offense involving delivery of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia  Driving While Intoxicated involving injury to another

k) Defendant must pay any restitution owed resulting from the offense and provide proof of same prior to the date of the PTIP contract signing.

l) Defendant must execute a weapon forfeiture for any weapon seized for any reason as part of Defendant’s criminal case at the discretion of the Criminal Division Chief. The prosecutor may deny a PTIP Application for any reason based on the facts ad circumstances of the underlying offense or previous criminal history.